Business Insider has obtained documents that allegedly detail Apple’s self-driving car technology, and the extensive training required before drivers can take the company’s cars out onto the road.

The documents refer to an “Automated System” developed by Apple, along with basic driving tips, like performing a tight u-turn or braking suddenly. Drivers must perform seven tests, which can be seen in the document below. The system can apparently be disengaged easily by pressing on the brake pedal or grabbing the steering wheel, according to the documents.

Apple recently received permits to test self-driving cars in California after months of rumors surrounding the Cupertino company’s plans to release an electric car. Recently, reports claim the company isn’t going to release a car, but instead on software to power existing vehicles.

The permit Apple received will allow the company to test its autonomous software in a Lexus RX450h, the same car used by Google to perform its self-driving tests.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a self-driving car for months now, and the documents are our biggest indication yet that the company is looking to compete against the likes of Google, Tesla, and Uber.