Apple's plans for a 4K TV set may be dead, but the company's still expected to launch its own video streaming service later this year. Now, a new report from Re/code suggests the release could be delayed over plans to offer local programming as part of the package.

The deal could give Apple's upcoming service a clear advantage over the competition, since few streaming options offer any local TV access at all. However, the lengthy negotiations required to secure these rights are apparently holding everything else up. The entire network of local and national broadcasters is pretty complicated, and many smaller stations don't even have the technology necessary to support digital streaming.

So it seems unlikely Apple will launch its new service this fall despite its best efforts. Several anonymous TV executives told Re/code that the Cupertino company hasn't established deals with any programmers so far, though they still expect the service to launch eventually.

Apple was initially expected to announce the service by June with a mix of 25 channels and support for Apple TV along with iOS devices. ABC, CBS and Fox are apparently all onboard, though NBC may still be out thanks to a not-so-friendly relationship between Comcast and Apple.

Whether the rumored streaming service actually launches this year seems pretty up in the air, but with Apple's World Wide Developers Conference just a few weeks away the company may be scrambling to finalize these deals. We'll be covering the event live from California, though it looks like you shouldn't expect any official TV streaming news just yet.