The arrival of Apple’s rumored reversible Lightning cable is looking more likely as more photos of the connector have leaked. It looks just like the other photo we saw earlier today, though it further confirms what might launch with the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L.

Apple’s Lightning cable technology already makes life so much easier for owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but it could improve that much more if this cable is legit. Sonny Dickson, who had the inside scoop on Apple’s gear last year, was the first one to break the news of this cable’s existence, so there’s definitely merit. Apple has actually patented a reversible cable design, adding even more fuel to this rumor.

The great part about the cable is that it’ll work with all your existing ports. It just looks like Apple has figured out a way to slim down the center tab and add a set of connectors on both sides. That will allow you to plug the cable in any way you want, making it so much more convenient.

A reversible cable won’t necessarily be the iPhone 6’s flagship feature, but it will sure be nice. The rest of the industry is quickly bearing down on a new Type-C specs for microUSB, so reversible cables will be here on a wide scale soon enough. But Apple, as it tends to do, seems ahead of the game in this particular scenario.