One of the biggest issues users run into when switching from iOS to Android is detaching their phone number from iMessage. Now there's a new Apple tool that takes care of the process for you, and you don't even need your old iPhone to use it.

If you don't remove your phone number from iMessage before switching to Android, then you can run into all kinds of issues with text messages. The most common one is the inability to receive SMS messages sent by iPhone-using friends.

You see, while your number is still connected to Apple's service, your friends will still be able to send you iMessages. But because you cannot receive them on Android and other third-party platforms, they'll simply sit on Apple's servers and you'll never receive them.

Lots of people don't realize this until they've already gotten rid of their iPhone and they suddenly stop receiving messages from certain people — by which time, they can't remove their number from iMessage because they no longer have an iOS device.

Thankfully, Apple's new tool fixes this problem.

All you need to do is visit the Cupertino company's new webpage, enter your phone number, and then submit the 6-digit deregistration code that's sent to you. Your number will then be forgotten by the iMessage servers, and you'll be able to send and receive traditional SMS messages on your smartphone as normal.

Apple has also published a new Deregister iMessage FAQ that helps users understand why their SMS messages aren't being delivered after they've switched platforms, and explains how they can deregister their number using their iPhone before they get rid of it.

Apple doesn't normally like to help users who decide to switch to other platforms, but the company had little choice but to provide a tool like this after a class action lawsuit was filed against it back in May for intercepting SMS messages between third-party platforms.