If you're a Mac OS X user, the chances are you probably know quite a bit about Mountain Lion already. Apple has been promoting the new software — and all of its new features — since its initial unveiling back in February. But to bring you back up to speed in preparation for its launch next month, the Cupertino company has now released a five-minute video that demonstrates Mountain Lion's best new features.

With OS X Mountain Lion, the world's best desktop operating system gets even better, and makes the Mac, iPad, and iPhone work even better together.

There are over 200 new features coming to Mountain Lion, and Apple's new video runs through some of the biggest. It begins by taking a look at iCloud, and its ability to sync your most important data — like contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, reminders, notes, and even documents — between your Mac and iOS devices.

It then details the new Sharing feature, which allows you to share websites, images, videos and documents via Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Flickr, Vimeo, and more. It also takes a look at the new Messages app, which allows you to send and receive iMessages on your Mac. Other features detailed in the video include:

  • Notification Center
  • Safari with "smart search field," a new tab view, and iCloud tab syncing
  • Dictation
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Game Center

Other major changes, which Apple doesn't detail in the video, include the introduction of iOS apps that have made the leap to the Mac, such as Reminders and Notes.

Although OS X Mountain Lion isn't vastly different to OS X Lion, it does have plenty of enhancements that make it well worth the upgrade. And at just $19.99, who wouldn't want to upgrade?