Apple iOS 6 maps failThe sheen on Apple’s impenetrable armor is starting to dull, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the company’s new Maps app. For all the new features iOS 6 offers, deciding to ditch Google Maps seems like one of the more dubious decisions the company has made in the last few years. Seriously, it’s already so bad that a Tumblr site has been made to document just how terrible Apple’s Maps are.

It would be one thing if the atrocity was isolated to a few incidents, such as a misplaced pin, a badly rendered building or a  flattened Statue of Liberty, but it’s much worse than that. Constantly misplaced pins, wrong locations, missing data, made up locations are all noticeable. And the list goes on. Apple should be embarrassed.

Let’s hope the company comes up with an update stat. Or, preferably, a standalone Google Maps app comes to iOS.

[via Gizmodo, TheAmazingiOS6Maps]