You probably shouldn’t tamper with your brand new MacBook unless you know exactly what you’re doing but, if you must break into the razor-thin chassis, Apple will be privy to your meddling.

Discovered in a new iFixit teardown, the new MacBook apparently sports screws that come with a material that disintegrates when touched. That means if you decided to unscrew parts from the MacBook case, Apple would know about it, possibly voiding whatever warranty you have for the device.

iFixit noticed the “substance” on step 4 of its teardown:

However, another surprise awaits at the hinge screws, whose Torx heads are filled with some sort of substance that disintegrates when you insert a screwdriver. Are you sealing our MacBook with tamper-evident screws, Apple?

It would seem the answer to that is, “Yes.” Now, the question becomes, “Why?” We have several guesses, but it would seem Apple put these measures in place to keep track of whether or not a device has been tampered with before being repaired by an Apple representative. Anti-tamper mechanisms aren’t anything new—they’re usually in the form of stickers—but Apple’s is particularly sneaky.

If you feel it necessary to take your MacBook apart, be aware that Apple will probably know about it. That in and of itself isn’t a huge deal, but if you decide to get your MacBook fixed under warranty, and Apple discovers you were already under the hood playing doctor, the maintenance Apple performs might not be covered.