Thunderbolt Display with MacBook Air

I love my 11-inch MacBook Air. It’s incredibly light and portable which allows me to cart it around and work from pretty much anywhere, and when I’m at home, I can hook it up to a Thunderbolt Display and work with a little more space.

But I want even more space when I’m at my desk. I’d like nothing more than to hook up two external displays to my machine, but the current generation of 11-inch MacBook Airs can only support one.

That may not be the case with Apple’s next-generation ultraportable, however. According to a leaked Intel roadmap obtained by VR-Zone, which details the company’s plans for 2012, its new Ivy Bridge processors will power up to three displays at once:

While we’re talking about graphics, as with the desktop Ivy Bridge processors, the mobile processors also support up to three independent displays, although one of these will be the built in display in the notebook, but hopefully we’ll see notebooks with a DisplayPort connector as standard come next year.

That means the new chip — which will undoubtedly take over from the existing Sandy Bridge processors in the new MacBook Air — should allow you to connect two Thunderbolt Displays to your notebook’s Thunderbolt port together, and use its internal display at the same time — giving you three independent displays.

Apple’s larger notebook, the MacBook Pro, will already support three independent displays thanks to its discrete graphics chip. Similarly, the 13-inch MacBook Air will also power two external display, but only if you turn off its internal one.

While I’m currently incredibly happy with my machine, I could be tempted to upgrade to Apple’s new MacBook Air if it does indeed support up to three displays.

Would this tempt your to upgrade your MacBook Air?

[via MacRumors]