iPod_Touch_5th_Gen-BackSacrifices had to be made in order to make Apple's new iPod touch so dang thin. Like, the light sensor had to go. It might not be an issue for some, but others might rue the absence of an auto-brightness function on the new device, especially for travelers who frequently go from dark to light areas, or vice versa.

According to Apple's Phil Schiller, in an email exchange with a concerned customer, the all-new iPod touch doesn't have a built-in automatic light sensor because "it's just too thin!" Having your device automatically read ambient light is one of those overlooked conveniences, but it's certainly not a deal breaker living without one.

To cope, I'd say just adjust your brightness to 75 percent and you'll be good. Your experience might be degraded a bit, but not enough to skip the new iPod touch altogether, which by all accounts — and our own first impressions of the device — is easily its best ever iPod.

[via CNET]