It looks as if Apple is thinking about bringing back its iPhone battery case after not making any battery cases available for the most recent iPhone models.

Appleosophy obtained a product merchandising guide for Apple Premium Resellers that outlines the types of accessory products Apple offers. Once such product looks it could be a battery case for the iPhone XS and XS Max, just like the battery case Apple previously offered for the iPhone 6s, 7 and 8. 

The image is low resolution and it’s hard to make out the finish of the case, however, zooming in confirms it does have that polarizing hump on the back that Apple’s battery cases feature.

Interestingly, the cases falls under the product type of “leather,” which would be a change from the silicone finish used in previous battery cases. That is most likely a mistake as past leaks of the case have confirmed it comes with a silicone finish.

The most interesting aspect of the guide is that it is dated for “Fall 2018.” Seeing as 2018 is mere days from concluding, Apple seems to have delayed the release of the battery case, though it’s unclear why.