Those hoping to get their hands on Apple's new iMac were left a little disappointed last week when reports claiming it would be delayed until 2013 began to surface. But according to sources for 9to5Mac, that won't be the case at all. While the 21.5- and 27-inch all-in-ones will be in short supply, both are still said to be "on track."

The 21.5-inch model, which is due to go on sale before the end of November, is already shipping to Apple's distribution hubs across the United States, 9to5Mac reports, as well as those in other countries around the world. "It's also likely that the new models will reach Apple's physical retail stores by the end of November," the report notes.

As for the 27-inch model, that's due to start shipping in December, but sources say it will be available to order from Apple's online store "at the same time, or around the same time," as its little brother.

9to5Mac's report confirms that iMac supplies will be constrained, but suggests that those outside of the U.S. will feel it most.

Will you be ordering a new iMac this month?

[Via: 9to5Mac]