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Apple is reportedly developing what could be a final piece of its TV plans. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cupertino is working on its own content delivery network (CDN) which could be used to push out video content or even release future updates for the company's desktop and mobile software.

We want to believe Apple's new CDN means an iTV or at least a drastically improved version of Apple TV is on the way, but the company hasn't talked up its TV interests in the past year or so – save for highlighting the device during a recent Valentine's Day promotion. Meanwhile, the iWatch has been the front runner of most rumors. It seems more likely the new network could be used to bolster Apple's iCloud, iTunes and App Store, which have all seen increased use as smartphone adoption continues to grow. Still, adding this kind of bandwidth adds to rumors that Apple is going to take the streaming TV space a lot more seriously soon.

The Wall Street Journal explained that, right now, Apple passes its software through the servers of another company called Akamai before it hits end users. However, under this plan, it could eliminate Akamai and deliver content, such as streaming media or other downloads, to the end consumer quicker.

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to upcoming products, so don't expect the company to make any official announcements in response to these rumors. However, it's possible we'll learn more during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference this June, where Apple is also expected to unveil its new iOS 8 software.