If you're looking to buy a new iPhone from a third-party, you may want to make sure that it wasn't stolen first, particularly now that two new and highly desirable models available. While Apple has been including its Activation Lock tool for a year now, the company recently beefed it up in a way that should deter would-be thieves from trying to steal iPhones (and other iOS devices) in the first place.

The company's new Activation Lock management tool, now available from your iCloud page, lets you double check the serial number or IMEI number of a device before you buy it. If you're about to pick up a new iPhone 6 from someone on Craiglist, for example, this is something you'll definitely want to do. If the device is currently owned by someone and is locked, that means the owner has purposefully locked the device due to a potential theft. It also means you won't be able to just simply login with your own credentials until whoever actually owns the device has wiped it.

This should help deter theft, too, since anyone who might want to steal a phone won't actually be able to do much with it if it's still locked. And, better yet, customers who are aware of this tool will know to check the iOS device first.

The new page was spotted by iDownloadblog that surmises that Apple brought it online recently, though quietly, as we haven't heard anything official from the company. Hit the source to check it out for yourself.