Apple Valued at Most Valuable Company in the World
Apple has been on a rocket ride as of late when it comes to its the overall value of its stock, but thanks to an amazing day today, it's now valuable than its two biggest competitors combined.

Trading today saw the Apple stock hit a new high of $493.17, a rise of $16.49 or 3.46 percent.  This brought the company's market cap to $459.82 billion, further cementing its title as the most valuable company as Exxon Oil sits back at $401.82 billion. (It passed the oil company to secure the title back on January 25)

What was interesting today's milestone was what this accomplished in relation to Microsoft and Google.  While both companies ended the day with their shares trading higher, their market caps came in at $198.81 billion for Google and $256.18 billion for Microsoft.  While Apple obviously passed both these companies some time ago, today's new total made Apple more valuable than the other two combined.  Added together Google and Microsoft come $454.99 billion, almost a full $5 billion behind Apple.

While these numbers can easily change tomorrow morning when the stock market opens again, for at least tonight Apple CEO Tim Cook and the rest of Apple employees can sleep well in knowing there is little hope of anyone catching up to them at the moment.

Curious what else Apple is worth more than now?  There's a Tumblr for that.