iphone-5Apple's overblown iOS 6 Maps fiasco hasn't affected iPhone 5 sales one bit. That's nothing new. But what's interesting is the fact that 90 percent of users have said they haven't once experienced any problems at all. That would suggest the Cupertino company's lack of map know-how wasn't quite as bad as initially thought, and in fact it's improving by the day.

ChangeWave, a market researcher, surveyed 4,270 consumers in September, and concluded that interest in Apple's device actually improved this year compared to 2011's iPhone 4S. When gauging interest, 19 percent said they were Very Likely to pick up the iPhone 5, with 13 percent saying their interest hovered around Somewhat Likely.

In comparison, only 10 percent of folks said they were Very Likely to purchase the iPhone 4S, while 11.5 percent said they were Somewhat Likely. Even a blip in the road can't keep Apple's handset down.

"Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5," said ChangeWave's Paul Carton. "Rather, the survey results show both issues hardly rank as bumps in the road."

Indeed, with the iPhone 5 already breaking company records, it'll take a lot more than a flubbed maps app to derail the device's popularity.

[via AllThingsD]