Apple’s popular Magic Mouse looks to be set for an update that will improve its functionality under OS X Lion. Its existing part number has been removed from Apple’s inventory, according to a “previously reliable source” for Cult of Mac, and replaced by a new device that will reportedly work better with Lion’s more advanced multitouch gestures.

Apple Magic Mouse

Despite some minor complaints about its design, I think Apple’s Magic Mouse is a must-have peripheral for your Mac. It uses the same multitouch technology that Apple first introduced to us with the iPhone to make it easier to navigate your way around your software by making simple gestures. It’s even better when you combine it with third-party software such as MagicPrefs — a tool that allows you to customize your Magic Mouse gestures to suit you.

An initial report from Cult of Mac had suggested that Apple was going to kill off the device altogether. The eradication of its part number from Apple’s database indicated the device was going to be discontinued in favor of the Magic Trackpad. I was a little disappointed until this was followed up by a second report:

Our source in Apple inventory has followed up with us, and it appears that Apple has instead discontinued the Magic Mouse’s old part number in favor for a new one. This move may indicate an update to the Magic Mouse, with the most logical prediction being better integration with advanced gestures in OS X Lion.

It’s unclear at this point whether the new device will sport the same design, or whether it will get a complete overhaul — hopefully making it a little more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. However, it’s great to hear that the device won’t follow the white MacBook down the garbage chute, but will be improved for Apple’s latest operating system instead.

Are you looking forward to the new Magic Mouse, or have you discovered a better third-party alternative?

[via Cult of Mac]