A report from Bloomberg on Tuesday also sheds light on internal struggles within Apple’s Mac division. Namely, there is no Mac division.

Bloomberg claims the Mac is getting “far less attention” from Apple, which doesn’t have a clear direction from senior management. The report clashes with comments made by Tim Cook, who recently said Apple has exciting updates coming to the Mac line.

iMac with Retina 5K-10

Although Apple’s Mac line generates 10 percent of sales, Apple has completely shifted its priority to the iPhone, iPad and iOS. According to Bloomberg, there’s no longer a dedicated macOS team, and Mac engineers, who regularly work on competing prototypes, are apparently being shunned by top Apple brass.

New details on MacBook Pro with Touchbar

Oh, and about the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple’s most recent Mac. It’s expensive, underpowered, and the Touch Bar is less useful and more gimmicky. But if there’s one negative that stands above the rest, it’s the poor battery life.

Battery issues have plagued Apple’s new laptop ever since it launched, prompting the company to eliminate a software feature that estimated how long a user had until the battery died. Let’s just say our experience of 3-5 hours has been a far cry from the 10 hours of “all day” battery Apple promised.

Now, we might have some idea why the MacBook Pro’s battery is performing so poorly.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple wanted to use a higher-capacity battery that shaped to the inside of the computer, but the design failed a key test. Because Apple couldn’t get the design right, the company had to scrap those plans and settle on what’s available right now.

Sounds like that’s the least of the things getting scrapped at Apple these days, doesn’t it? Bloomberg’s story, which you can read below, provides a fascinating glimpse at why Apple’s Mac lineup is in such shambles. And it doesn’t sound like things are going to improve anytime soon.