lucky bag

Apple's annual "Lucky Bag" promotion for Japan will begin on Friday, January 2, the Cupertino company has confirmed. Available at Apple Retail Stores across Japan, the bags filled with mystery Apple goods can deliver incredibly steep discounts for the luckiest of shoppers.

Fukubukuro, which means "lucky bag" or "mystery bag," is a Japanese New Year tradition in which retailers sell bags filled with goods for a fixed price. The catch is customers don't know what the bags contain until they've purchased them, but they usually end up with goods that would have cost a whole lot more.

Apple's Lucky Bags — which are priced at 36,000 yen (approx. $345) excluding tax — have been known to contain iPods, headphones, Apple t-shirts, gift cards, and even iPads and MacBook Airs. It's no wonder they've become so popular among Apple fans, then.

As always, the Lucky Bag promotion is only available in Japan, and it will begin at 8 a.m. on January 2 until stocks last. Bags are sold on a first-come-first-served basis at a maximum of one per customers, and the contents cannot be returned unless they are defective.