Apple has begun selling its official clear case for the iPhone XR. The case will cost $39 and can be purchased through with deliveries slated to arrive later this week.

According to Apple’s site, the case is made of a clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU material that provides a sturdy finish and a clear look that lets you show off the colorful finish of the iPhone XR. It won’t interfere with the phone’s ability to charge wirelessly.

In the lead up to the release of the iPhone XR, a leak showed that Apple was going to offer a clear case for the iPhone XR but the announcement of the device came and went with no mention of the new case. Following the iPhone XR’s release, most figured the leak wasn’t reliable but it turns out it was, Apple just delayed it for some reason forcing customers to go with third-party options.

iPhone XR customers hoping to get their hands on the new Apple clear case can buy one online today and receive it later this week or pick it up in stores early next week.