iPhone 5 - Promo Picture

Happy Friday everyone, here’s an interesting Apple story to keep you entertained during your commute. Apple is reportedly prepping a “liquid metal” iPhone 5 that will arrive on store shelves and customer hands in October. We’ve heard the possibility of a fall launch date before but we’re absolutely confused by what “liquid metal” actually is. We presume this means the device will crafted out of some highly reflective metal and ETNews, which broke the story, explains that “liquid metal” will allow to the new iPhone to be super thin and strong. A quick search on the website of a company named Liquidmetal says the firm creates a “revolutionary class of patented alloys [that] form the basis of high performance materials utilized in a broad range of military, medical, luxury, consumer, industrial, and sporting goods products,” although we’re just guessing at the possibility that Apple employed that firm. Either way, liquid metal sounds like a far stray from the glass design of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

Forbes also said the device will launch in October, possibly due to a shortage of Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip. The chip is the latest to support 4G LTE networks, so it makes sense for Apple to include it in its next-generation phone, but we’re not so sure there’s really an iPhone delay here. We imagine Qualcomm will make the necessary adjustments so that one of the most popular smartphones in the world will be able to use its chips — perhaps by eliminating the processor from mid-range devices instead.

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