Just a week after the device launched in a number of territories around the world, Apple has released a new commercial for its iPhone 4S. And as you'd expect, the clip focuses on the fifth-generation iPhone's biggest selling point: the new Siri assistant.

The 30-second video was uploaded to Apple's official YouTube page last night, and demonstrates the use of Siri in a number of different situations, such as creating Reminders, setting alarms, moving meetings, checking the weather, and… finding out what a weasel looks like.

The ad is likely to be shown only in the U.S., with a number of the examples specific to the U.S. market, such as finding local businesses, and the quickest route to a certain location.

Not only does the ad demonstrate Siri's impressive range of functions, but it also shows that Siri doesn't just take specific voice commands, but understands natural speech as well. For example, the final demonstration shows a user telling Siri, "I'm locked out," which results in a search for local locksmiths. The user didn't have to tell Siri that they needed a locksmith — Siri just knew.

I know many of you will call me an "Apply fanboy" because of my love for Siri, and on this particular occasion I'm fine with that. I'm still blown away by this feature. Many believe it's a novelty that'll soon wear off — like FaceTime — but I like to think that as its functionality is extended even further, it'll become incredibly popular. And not just on the iPhone. Imagine what Siri could do on your Mac.

What do you think of Apple's latest iPhone ad?