Apple’s rumored smartwatch is expected to put an emphasis on health, and the company’s new Health app for iOS 8 helps drive home the point that Cupertino has its eye on the fitness tracking market. Now a new Apple patent reveals how the long-rumored iWatch could differentiate itself from the competition with some impressive new tricks.

Apple’s patent, which was submitted back in January 2013 and approved on Tuesday, shows how the company might embed sensors in shoes, weightlifting bars and more. These sensors could measure your workout for you or just track how many steps you walk each day. Apple notes that its “body bar” could feature a built-in display to relay your data or simply transmit it to a connected wristwatch.

At WWDC last week Apple pitched Health as a way to organize all the fitness data gleamed from third-party devices into a single app, but the company’s new patent suggests it could be planning a device of its own as well. We don’t really see Apple selling iBarbells or iSneakers anytime soon, but it wouldn’t be much of a leap to incorporate that same technology directly into a smartwatch instead. Recent reports are pointing to an iWatch event coming this October, so it may not be much longer before we get an official look at the wearable device.