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Apple recently acquired a database startup named FoundationDB, according to reports published on Wednesday by TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal. Apple confirmed the acquisition but didn't explain why it decided to purchase the firm, which is typical.

"FoundationDB is multi-model, meaning you can store many types data all in a single database," FoundationDB's website explains. "All data is safely stored, distributed, and replicated in the Key-Value Store component, and new functionality, like our SQL Layer, is layered on top of its simple API."

An expert speaking to The Wall Street Journal suggested Apple might use some of FoundationDB's technology to improve iAd and iMessage, thanks to more efficient database storage. "This type of database technology lets companies process information at high speed without incurring the typical huge costs for computer servers and the people to run them," The Wall Street Journal explained, citing an expert who works for FoundationDB competitor Aerospike.

iMessage already seems pretty quick and reliable, for the most part, but it's not without its outages. It's unclear if FoundationDB's tech might improve long term stability, or if it will simply help Apple scale as more users begin to use iMessage thanks to increased iPhone sales around the globe.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed by either party.