Apple is now selling the space grey Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse separate from the iMac Pro. Previously, you could only score Apple’s darkened peripherals if you bought an iMac Pro. That’d be great if you had $5,000 lying around, but if you didn’t, you were forced to look into the aftermarket where they were going for as much as $1,500.

Thankfully, the peripherals now available through Apple aren’t as expensive, but you’ll still have to pay a premium. The Magic Keyboard and Trackpad will run you $149 (up from the previous $129 price tag) and the Magic Mouse will cost $99 (up from the $79 price tag for the white version).

An unexpected perk of picking up one Apple’s space grey peripherals is the included black Lightning cable. It’s a minor detail, but a really cool one at that. 

Apple is now selling all three peripherals on its site. Each is being shipped out this week and should arrive at local Apple stores in the coming days.