According to former Apple senior mechanical engineer, Abraham Farag, via MacRumors, Apple’s iWatch will indeed feature wireless charging. His prediction is based on those leaked schematics we saw earlier today, which showed components of the rumored wearable, including BCM coils (Battery Charging Module).

We actually have heard rumors regarding the method by which iWatch users would charge the device, so Farag’s prognosis isn’t all that surprising. However, seeing as Farag was once involved with Apple, his knowledge of the company’s designs certainly bears weight.

“If it has wireless charging then it needs an internal coil, and the screen shots look to have a coil,” Farag noted.

Previous Apple patents have hinted at wireless charging, but the company has yet to utilize the technology for any of its products. The battery life of the wearable might not be the greatest, so the inclusion of wireless charging technology will certainly be a welcome addition; it at least adds a convenience. Some wearables today require you to add a little dongle before you can even plug your device in to charge, so the lack of wires will be one thing Apple can hold over the competition (except for the Moto 360).

Farag also notes that the “skin contact plate” mentioned in the schematics could be for “heartbeat, skin temp, sweat level or oxygen in the bloodstream.” Apple’s wearable will reportedly track users at unprecedented levels, and be much more advanced than current activity trackers. That doesn’t sound too surprising, especially given Apple’s recent interest in health with HealthKit.

We’ll supposedly get a glimpse of the iWatch tomorrow, so stay tuned for all the coverage right from the show floor.