Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max pre-order night came and went, and after all was said and done, Apple’s bigger iPhone XS Max proved to be the most popular model of the night with the device already facing delays.

Going through Apple’s site, every model of the iPhone XS Max has been delayed by at an extra week if not longer. Apple says the iPhone XS Max has a delivery timeframe of September 28 to October 5 as of this morning.

That much was to be expected. The iPhone XS Max is a brand new model that offers the biggest display ever on an iPhone (6.5-inches) and comes in a slick new gold color. It’s something that’s never been offered before by Apple. On the other side is the iPhone XS, which is more of an incremental upgrade over last year’s iPhone X.

The lack of difference was apparently obvious to customers because every model of the iPhone XS is still available for delivery on September 21 as of this morning. Some stores also offer in-store pick-up as well.

Let’s not forget that the iPhone XR isn’t yet available for pre-order, so the fact that the iPhone XS is still readily available underlines the expected popularity of Apple’s colorful new iPhone model. The iPhone XR will be available for pre-order October 19 and will begin shipping on October 26.