The iPhone X won’t be released until November 3, but it’s already having a big impact on the market. In fact, a new report claims it’s making people forget all about another recently-announced Apple device: the iPhone 8.

According to KGI Securities, via 9to5Mac, the upcoming iPhone X may be negatively impacting iPhone 8 preorders. The report cites iPhone 8 shipment estimates from Apple as evidence, saying newly launched iPhone models typically ship between 3-6 weeks after the initial preorder weekend, but most iPhone 8 models are showing shipping times between 1-2 weeks. The device launches this Friday.

Three things could be at play here. Apple could have made ample supply of the iPhone 8, and therefore the company isn’t struggling to keep up with demand. Two, the iPhone 7 was one of Apple’s most successful devices, and owners likely don’t see a big reason to upgrade. The final reason could be that people are much more hyped for iPhone X, as KGI Securities suggests, which is probably exactly what Apple wants.

Not only is the iPhone X the company’s most expensive device at $999, but the hype surrounding the device has reached almost divine proportions. Based on KGI Securities’s suggestion, it would seem the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display and Face ID technology is attracting a lot of interest.

The only problem is the iPhone X may be very tough to find when it’s released, which may be why the device isn’t launching until November 3. There are arguments to be made for and against buying the iPhone X. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, the report from KGI Securities confirms what everyone suspected: hype for the iPhone X is very real, and it’s already affecting the market, even devices made by Apple.