With a trio of new iPhone models on the horizon, Apple is making it even easier to trade-in your old iPhone. Now, in addition to trading your device in at an Apple Store, Apple is offering a new option that will provide customers with a mail-in kit.

The iPhone Update Program, introduced alongside the iPhone 6s, was designed to allow customers to get a new iPhone every year. Once consumers have made 12 payments on their existing device, for example, they would be eligible to start a new plan. It’s a nice alternative that’s done directly through Apple, rather than financing through a carrier.

The program is now much more attractive because of the mail-in option. Before, if you wanted to trade in your old phone you could bring it to an Apple store. There was also a separate trade-up program that offered Apple customers the option to mail their device in for a gift card.

A photo of the new mail-in option was shared on the MacRumors forums:

There has been no official word from Apple about the mail-in option through the iPhone Upgrade Program, so it isn’t entirely clear how it works. Wording on its website does say the trade-in kit will include a prepaid shipping label. There are also stipulations regarding the device you’re trading in: It has to power on and hold a charge, have a functioning display, and be free of breaks and cracks.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X at its event on Tuesday.