The specs of phones today are incredible, with some of the latest Android devices carrying Snapdragon 805 chips and 3GB of RAM. But Apple takes a more measured approach, instead only updating its devices in very small increments year after year, and the company’s iPhone 6 will likely be a similar story.

Eagled-eyed folks over at the MacRumors forums have pointed out that the images shared by Feld & Volk may have revealed the upcoming phone’s RAM. Printed on the A8 chip is a number for Hynix RAM which, based on previous Hynix numbering, suggests the chip does indeed denote 1GB; the “8” indicated 8GB (1GB), while the “B” suggests 16GB (2GB), MacRumors notes.

The image doesn’t make it crystal clear, so we can’t call this definitive evidence. We can’t call any of the iPhone 6 leaks definitive, especially considering how wildly reports have varied over the past several months. But it looks like Apple might be sticking to 1GB of RAM for its iPhone 6, which is decidedly low-end for the Android market.

Of course, Apple’s iPhone has always been plenty capable, even without matching flagship Android handsets spec-for-spec. The iPhone 6’s specs will likely be a major point of interest once the device(s) is unveiled early next month. Will the 5.5-inch model come equipped with more RAM? Perhaps. We’ll find out soon.