The next time you search for an app inside the iOS App Store, chances are you’ll see an ad. After announcing plans to show promoted apps above search results, the feature has begun rolling out to all iOS users. I would know, I saw an ad while searching for a new email application last night.

According to The Verge, Apple is rolling out App Store search ads in an effort to “shake up its revenue model for apps.” Apple says the new model will also allow apps that aren’t normally seen by users appear at the top of searches, giving indie developers a fair shot.

Whether it’ll actually help to promote typically unseen apps remains to be seen. Hopefully, Apple will be able to keep developers from abusing the new feature. Some users are already reporting that terms such as “Pokémon” has surfaced an ad for a knock-off called “Catch ém;” we did our own search and didn’t see the ad, but others may run into it.

Apple has reportedly been emailing developers encouraging them to participate in the new ad program, so users may see a lot of ads in the future.