Earlier this week, it was reported that HomePod units were leaving white marks on wood surfaces with oil or wax stained finishes. Apple responded to the issue saying it was “not unusual” for this to happen, and it wasn’t lying. Reports are now coming out that the Sonos One smart speaker is also leaving white marks on wood surfaces.

According to Tom’s Guide writer Mike Prospero, once he heard of the news of the HomePod, he went to check if his unit left white rings on his wood furniture. But next to the HomePod, the Sonos One left a mark as well. The problem wasn’t as pronounced as with the HomePod since the Sonos One’s base is four small points, but it was noticeable.

Both the HomePod and Sonos One have silicone bases. This ensures the smart speakers won’t move unexpectedly, as well as acting as a vibration-dampening solution. But it’s having the adverse effect of damaging wood furniture.

In its response to the issue, Apple said the cause is “oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface.” The only way to ensure wood furniture won’t be damaged by smart speakers with silicone bases is to put them on a new surface, as Apple suggests.

The issue seems to be an unexpected side effect more than a manufacturing defect from the two companies. If you really want to put a HomePod or Sonos One speaker on a wood table, then we’d recommend buying some sort of coaster to avoid the unwanted marks. Otherwise, just put it on a different surface and you should be fine.