Welcome to Flashback Friday, this week, we're going on a very nostalgic journey back to Apple's most golden moments of television, back to the most memorable moments in their ads. The times when you can't get that ad song out of your head. Although it is very hard to narrow down years of history, we picked the most ads that can leave a song on repeat in your mind.

1- Exodus Honey – Honeycut

This melody will definitely bring you back some great memories. In fact,  Back when Mac OS X used to be called after cats, Apple used the Honeycut song in many Mac advertisements all the way to having this in the intro video that welcomes you when you buy your new mac. Hearing this on your new device makes you feel like you're being welcomed to an exclusive club.  Too bad MacOS doesn't have that anymore!

2- The iPod Silhouette campaign (2003-2011)

The longest running advert campaign for Apple, starting from 2003 all the way till 2011, Susan Alinsangan, a Chiat/Day art director, came up with the design and initial idea of the iPod silhouette commercials. A colorful campaign that puts music in its core showing people dancing with their iPods on, which makes you want to either buy an iPod or at least dance along! The campaign had a strong role to introduce the iPod to the world. They used a wide range of music for the campaign, we picked four of our favorites here:

2.1- Are you gonna be my girl – Jet

2.2- Walkie Talkie Man – Steriogram

2.3- Technologic – Daft Punk

2.4- Shut up and let me go – The Ting Tings

3- Bruises – Chairlift

Remember when the colorful iPod Nano (5) dropped and we couldn't take our eyes off the beautiful colors? This is what Apple did in the 5th Gen iPod nano commercial "Nano Chromatic", a clear background, animated iPods and Chairlift's colorful lyrics in Bruises that make the vivid iPods pop out even more! check it out:

4- Bourgeois Shangri-La –Miss Li

Yeah, the time Apple added a video camera to its fourth generation iPod nano and called it a fifth gen, remember? The controversial iPod that wasn't able to take photos and only shot low-quality videos with some special effects. It was an iPod that drifted off a bit from music with some extra gimmicky features. The Ad focuses on the video camera as the iPod's main feature, people singing to Miss Li's Bourgeois Shangri-La which left us wondering, why Apple, Why?

5- Short Skirt/ Long Jacket – Cake

This is my favorite iPod nano model in particular, I always believed that this is the start of wearable technology for Apple, the 6th Generation iPod nano was a square that had an iOS-like design with a clip on its back, it was a big advancement in its time, after launch, case manufacturers started making watch bands and cases for it, Apple upgraded its firmware to have multiple watch faces on it… at launch, the Cake song commercial showed us people clipping the iPod and listening to music, little they did know that this was about to turn into the first generation Apple watch…

New Soul – Yael Naim

I'm a new soul, I came to this strange world Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take

The new soul advert was the best way to introduce a new type of Mac to the Apple family. The young new soul, the MacBook Air was a remarkable device at its time that packed a few drawbacks that were improved in later versions, but the portability first device left us all wowed when it came out of an envelope in the ad. Yael Naim's song was a perfect fit to lightly complement the thin MacBook beauty.

Nostalgia has its ways

There's something about those songs that feel different than today's radio music. They're songs that remind you of a memory or a time. I personally like to listen to them on a daily basis as I believe they help me be more productive. If you're struggling to find the name of an Apple ad song that you like, applemusic.info will help you find it! I leave you with a playlist of some of Apple's greatest music in ads that might bring back good times!

To end our Flashback Friday, we'd like to ask you, which Apple ad song is your favorite? leave us a comment below and stay tuned for next week's trip to the past!