There’s no end to the rumors surrounding Apple’s next iPhone, but one claim we’ve heard a few times already suggests the device could ship with a dual camera setup in back. Now a new report reveals Cupertino may have been developing this technology for years.

Taiwan’s Business Weekly recently learned that Apple has been developing its own dual lens software since at least three years ago. The news comes from Xiaru Wen, CEO of Altek, which makes the camera modules for devices like HTC’s One (M8) and M9+ along with Huawei’s Honor 6 Plus. He notes that Apple already has the software ready to go, but it’s still waiting for the hardware to catch up.

Unfortunately, the report also claims that Apple won’t be launching an iPhone with two cameras in back anytime soon. The hardware still isn’t there yet, though maybe it will be by 2016 for the iPhone 7.

There are a few advantages to the dual lens setup. HTC pitched its Duo Camera as a way to edit your photos and change the focus after you shoot them. The same technology could also potentially be used to capture 3D images like Google’s Project Tango, though that requires even more horsepower. In any case, don’t look for the feature in the iPhone 6s.