Apple Beats deal

It won't be long until Apple launches a completely revamped subscription-based music streaming service based on Beats technology. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone maker has plans to create a "Beats-infused" version of its music app, which would be deeply integrated into iOS, iTunes and Apple TV. But it won't just be available in Apple's well manicured walled garden; 9to5Mac says the application will also be available for Android (probably not for Windows Phone), marking the first time Apple has made an app for Google's platform.

Although it'll use Beats technologies, the app will apparently be completely redesigned by Apple, ditching Beats' famous red and black motif. Instead, Apple will keep the app consistent with the company's existing iTunes and iOS Music app, which means we can expect a lot of white. Lots and lots of white.

The actual service itself will be a lot like Beats Music in that it'll have features like Activities, Mixes, Playlists and more. But, of course, there will be emphasis on ushering folks toward iTunes; a new search function will allow users to search through both Beats Music and the iTunes catalog, which means subscribers will have virtually unlimited music to listen to and pay for.

Apple hasn't done much with Beats Music so far, and its own iTunes Radio service is… underwhelming. In an effort to keep its music business purring, it's no surprise to hear Apple is looking to finally introduce its own subscription-based service. Apple apparently wants to undercut the competition with a possible price of $7.99/month, falling just below the $9.99 price offered by most existing services. That price could, however, just be a launch promotion. When Google Play Music launched, it was just $7.99 as an early bird special, but the price has since gone up to $9.99.

Some big names are involved with the service, including Trent Reznor, Jimmy Iovine, Ian Rogers and iTunes Vice President Robert Kondrk. However, 9to5Mac claims integrating Beats (the service and its employees) hasn't gone as planned, with one source telling the site that development so far "has been a mess." That certainly doesn't bode well, and could be a major reason why we haven't seen the service launch just yet.

If the rumored service does wind up launching, 9to5Mac says it might not happen until WWDC, which is still four months away, or later.