Apple Beats deal

Apple's rumored Beats-based streaming service won't be unveiled until WWDC in June, 9to5Mac said Thursday. There has been speculation over the past few months about the timing of the new service, with reports suggesting Apple has found it difficult integrating Beats into the company's culture. The service is expected to undercut the competition, possibly at a price point of $7.99 per month.

It doesn't sounds like the service will be significantly different than what Beats Music offers now; there will be curated playlists, cloud-based libraries and features that focus on discovery. But Apple will no doubt want to completely Apple-fy the service to more closely match the aesthetics of iOS. That's apparently proved harder than it sounds, with many high-profile departures also adding to the service's troubles.

Because the subscription service isn't slated to be unveiled until this summer, 9to5Mac says it'll likely be bundled with the introduction of iOS 8.4. However, there's a possibility Apple could wait until iOS 9, which would mean folks won't be able to start using the service until the fall at the earliest. That's a long way from now, and just gives services like Spotify and Google All Access more breathing room.

As an aside, 9to5Mac also mentions some minor details about a redesigned Apple TV, which will supposedly be slimmer and come with an all-new interface. It's unclear when the set-top box will launch, however, as Apple has allegedly been unable to secure rights from content providers for a Sling TV-like service.

Apple has an event scheduled for next Monday, where we're expecting to hear more details about the Apple Watch, and maybe even see the introduction of a new MacBook Air.