Sheesh, Apple is dominating the news this morning. Go figure, though, since the entire world is watching and anticipating several large announcements from the company today, including the iPhone 5 and refreshed iPods. Some fresh information has also recently spilled out, although it's a bit less exciting than the hardware we've been discussing recently.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has been calling its new 9-pin dock connector "Lighting," which means it's possible we'll hear that as a new marketing name for the port when it's announced later today. The cables will sell for $20, 9to5Mac said.

In addition, Apple's redesigned headphones are being called "Earpods" and will reportedly be available for $29. We also expect Apple will ship a pair of the new headphones with the iPhone 5 and iPod touch, as it currently does. It's unclear how the headphones have improved, but we're guessing they offer better audio feedback otherwise an upgrade wouldn't be necessary.

Apple's new iPod shuffle will reportedly launch with 2GB of storage, 9to5Mac said, and will come in eight differnet colors including blue, green, silver, red, slate, purple, pink and yellow. The iPod touch is also expected to get a massive upgrade, according to one analyst, and will feature a new processor, a 4-inch display, a thinner body and possibly launch in several different colors.

9to5Mac also said that Apple will launch a $10 accessory for the iPod touch called the "Loop." It's unclear exactly what the device will do, but it will reportedly launch in a variety of colors, which again points to the possibility that the iPod touch will launch in several different hues. We'll know more about these products later today, so stay tuned.

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