Dang, we have some bad news if you were hoping to get a 27-inch iMac ahead of the holiday season. The Apple Store has updated the shipping times for the 27-inch iMac, which originally went up for pre-order back in November, to now say that it will not ship until January. Apple doesn’t provide an exact day in January, either, so it could be later in the month.

We already knew that Apple has had supply issues with the iPhone, iPad mini and the iMac, which is why the 27-inch iMac didn’t go on sale at the same time as the 21.5-inch model (currently shipping in 7-10 business days), but we thought Apple would have ironed out the kinks to meet the holiday buying rush. It will no doubt effect sales of the new computer, and we imagine a lot of consumers may just opt for the cheaper baby brother instead. We’ll keep you up to date when Apple updates the shipping information again.

[via CNET, Apple]

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