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Apple hasn't even launched its new Beats Music-based streaming service yet, but the company may already be facing pressure from the EU government. The Financial Times reports that the European Commission is investigating Cupertino for potential anti-trust violations with its upcoming music app.

Specifically, the issue may have to do with Apple's rumored decision to launch without a free ad-supported tier. The Commission is worried Apple may use its influence to pressure other company's like Spotify to do the same. FT notes that the investigation also covers competing services, and may have been prompted by a complaint from one of these companies.

It's possible that the Commission could actually force Apple to change its strategy if it wants to launch in Europe, though it's unclear if that would mean adding a free tier of its own. Either way, it looks like the company's new streaming service is off to a rocky start before it's even had a chance to launch.

According to recent reports, Apple won't be able to offer the service for less than $10 per month due to pushback from the music industry. The company also apparently tried and failed to poach musicians from Jay Z's just-relaunched Tidal. Hopefully Apple's new music app will still be ready to launch this summer, though at the moment we're not so sure.