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Apple recently pulled a "few" ad-blocking applications from the iTunes App Store following concerns that the applications could compromise certain security features of iPhones.

According to iMore, several of these applications were blocking advertisements inside the Safari browser and inside of other applications and, while that may have been convenient for the user, it also may have been providing too much private data to the application developers.

"Apple is deeply committed to protecting customer privacy and security," Apple explained in a statement to iMore. "We've removed a few apps from the App Store that install root certificates which enable the monitoring of customer network data that can in turn be used to compromise SSL/TLS security solutions. We are working closely with these developers to quickly get their apps back on the App Store, while ensuring customer privacy and security is not at risk."

iMore said that very sensitive data could have been passing through the applications "including secure financial transactions and private communications" Been Choice is one of the popular applications that was removed, but iMore said others that focus purely on Safari ad-blocking, such as Purify and Crystal, aren't of concern.