WWDC 2013 - Logo - Large

Apple's much anticipated keynote address at WWDC has been officially put on the books for Monday, June 10—likely at 10:00 a.m. PST. The date isn't all that unexpected seeing as the company already said when its annual developers conference would take place, and since it always holds it the first day, but if there's any day you pay particular attention to that week, make it that Monday.

When Apple does take the stage, we're expecting a lot of big announcements, and there's really a lot of pressure—from media and fans—on the company to deliver. Perhaps the most anticipated topic at this year's conference will be iOS 7, which is supposedly receiving a big Jony Ive overhaul in the wake of Scott Forstall's firing.

What else can we expect? It's becoming increasingly likely we'll see MacBook Pro/Air refreshes with Intel's new Haswell chips, while rumors of an iRadio service have been swirling. Otherwise, it sounds as though this event might be largely software focused. After all, this is a developer conference—Tim Cook already said not to expect any big hardware until fall of this year.