The appropriate event signage is already going up at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, preparing the venue for what Apple promises will be the home for many “exciting announcements.” Apple’s promise could translate into the revamped OS X we’ve been hearing about, and Apple’s newfound interest in the nascent health market. Or—we’re hoping—WWDC could surprise us with interesting new hardware, which Apple is said to unveil when the presentation gets underway.

Tim Cook has repeatedly insisted the Cupertino company is ready to jump into new product categories, suggesting an iWatch and maybe an new Apple TV are imminent. But the likelier scenario will probably see Apple simply introduce changes to OS X—a more iOS-ified version—along with a possible platform for deeper home integration. Of course, none of the banners being put up have unveiled much information, but the prep is underway—enough to get folks hyped up.

Apple may also talk about its Beats Electronics acquisition, which has kind of lost its muster since rumors first started swirling about the possible acquisition; Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, rumors claim, could be announced as new Apple executives. We won’t know until Apple formally announces the deal has gone through; last we heard there were a number of roadblocks keeping the deal from becoming official.

We’ll be at the event next week, where we’re hoping Apple will surprise us with a lot of great new stuff. Given all the recent rumors, however, it sounds like we’re in for another by-the-numbers Apple event.