Apple on Tuesday announced dates for WWDC, which will be held in San Jose, Calif. The company said the festivities will kick off on Monday, June 4, and go through the rest of that week.

The annual conference is used to announce new versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS, along with new hardware. This year, the company is expected to introduce new laptops and iPads, including an 11-inch model with Apple’s Face ID.

The bigs news at WWDC this year will likely be Apple’s introduction of iOS 12, which is said to focus on stability instead of groundbreaking new features, like a redesigned home screen. However, Apple is anticipated to introduce universal apps, meaning developers will only need to develop one app, which can then be used across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple had a nightmare last few months thanks to a number of issues plaguing iOS 11. According to reports, iOS 11’s rocky launch caused Apple to rethink the mobile software’s roadmap, which is why this year will most be focused on stability.

Outside of a complete revamp of iOS, which won’t happen until 2019, universal apps could be a huge change because it has the potential to change Apple’s software in a huge way. We’ll find out what Apple has in store in a few short months.