apple store 5th ave

Apple recently won a class action lawsuit filed by Apple Store retail employees. The lawsuit first came to light in the summer of 2013, when employees filed a lawsuit against Apple for conducting bag searches to make sure items weren't stolen during shifts.

The employees argued that the bag searches were embarrassing and that Apple should pay for the time it took for fellow employees to rifle through their belongings. "[Managers] are required to treat 'valued' employees as criminals," said one email from an employee to CEO Tim Cook that was revealed during the lawsuit. "These procedures are often performed in front of gawking customers."

The presiding judge, U.S. District Judge William Alsup, found that Apple's rules were "milder" than other options, which could have prevented employees from bringing personal bags into the store at all. "Rather than prohibiting employees from bringing bags and personal Apple devices into the store altogether, Apple took a milder approach to theft prevention and offered its employees the option to bring bags and personal Apple devices into a store subject to the condition that such items much be searched when they leave the store," Alsup said, according to Reuters.

The case eventually included more than 12,000 Apple Store employees, which will still consider an appeal, Reuters said.