LG seems to be at the forefront of creating flexible mobile devices, but Apple may soon enter the fray. The company was recently awarded a patent that describes not only a flexible, but a truly foldable electronic device. Could a flexible iPhone be in the future?

The patent was first spotted by AppleInsider, and is simply titled “Flexible electronic devices,” and the news outlet notes that Apple doesn’t just describe a flexible display or casing, but rather an entirely flexible device, which means all of the components inside need to be able to withstand those forces as well. We’re still waiting for those kind of components to go mainstream, though LG uses a curved and bendable battery inside the G Flex and G Flex 2, so we’re getting there.

Will Apple ever create such a device? We still need to understand what the real benefits of such a product might be, and how it’ll actually work in the real world, but at least is has the patents should it ever decide to take that path.

Hit the source for more information from AppleInsider — we also have a link to the USPTO website, though for whatever reason it appears to be down currently.