Apple has won an injunction against Samsung’s 7.7” Galaxy Tab, and has had to remove the tablet fro its display at IFA in Berlin. The injunction is part of an ongoing patent battle between Samsung and Apple.

Last month a German court granted Apple an injunction for the 10.1” Galaxy Tab. That same court passed down a decision Friday to block sales of the 7.7” version as well. Prior to Saturday, the tablet had been on display at IFA with a “Not for sale in Germany” sticker; however, as of Saturday the tablet, and all of the promotional materials surrounding it have reportedly been removed from the show floor, as well as from Samsung’s German website.

Our own Jon Rettinger is at IFA and was able to do a hands-on with the 7.7″ slate before it was pulled from the display floor if you want to check the device out.

What do you think about the patent suit between Apple and Samsung? Is Apple justified in blocking Galaxy tab sales? Do you think Samsung will ever be able to sell the tablet?

[via Bloomberg]