iPhone 5 Blurred Phone

Earlier today we saw renders of a new Liquidmetal iPhone that were drafted up by an artist, but those were just concept images and weren't the real deal. We've heard rumors that Apple will use Liquidmetal — a strong alloy that looks like stainless steel — but we haven't heard exactly when or for what. BusinessInsider sat down with Liquidmetal's inventor, Dr. Atakan Peker, to learn a bit more.

Peker explained that Liquidmetal is part of a new class of metallic alloys and that it's "super strong, scratch and corrosion resistant, resilient and can be precision cast into complex shapes." He said it's unlikely that Apple will use the alloy in future MacBook product because it could take as long as two to four years to create a case big enough for a MacBook.

Instead, Peker believes Apple will use Liquidmetal in a "breakthrough product." Since it's clear it would take too long for Apple to implement the tech in a laptop, we're guessing this product will be the new iPhone. Peker said the breakthrough product will "likely bring an innovative user interface and industrial design together, and will also be very difficult to copy or duplicate with other material technologies."

Well, color us interested.

[via Business Insider]