Tim Cook at FoxconnApple isn’t the only company who uses China’s Foxconn to manufacture its products — others include Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Nokia, Nintendo and HP, Cult of Mac said. Yet, the Cupertino-based company is often the sole target of heavy media and consumer criticism. Apple has worked to help improve working conditions at Foxconn plants before, and now the company is taking its efforts a step further.

Apple will delve into its enormous fortune to help Foxconn improve conditions at the Chinese factories that produce devices like the iPhone and iPad. It’s unclear how much, or what the split will be with Foxconn, Reuters said.

Foxconn raised wages for workers in February, but the rising salary costs have apparently affected the Chinese company’s bottom line. It’ll be interesting to see just how much Foxconn is really willing to pay to improve factory conditions, even with weaker-than-expected Q1 results.

Under the tutelage of CEO Tim Cook, Apple has already worked to make improvements at Foxconn factories a priority. Cook organizing audits from the FLA, and then visited Foxconn factories to check the conditions first hand.

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