iPad mini Case leak - 3Apple’s upcoming iPad mini will be Wi-Fi-only in an effort to keep prices competitive. According to The Guardian, the Cupertino company won’t introduce a 3G-capable mini, contrary to an earlier report that provided an iPad mini shell with nano-SIM slot. It’s not a surprising omission, but the news, if true, still might irk some hopefuls.

Sources told The Guardian an announcement is imminent — invites will reportedly go out sometime tomorrow — with a release to come shortly after. That’s typical Apple form. The publication goes on to describe what we already know about the smaller iPad: 7.85-inch screen, Lightning connector, redesigned speaker grill, etc.

As many as 10 million iPad minis are reportedly in production, indicating that Apple is banking on selling a ton of units over the holidays. It’s certainly a huge possibility, but its success definitely hinges on how the device is priced.

The Guardian goes on to suggest Apple is also preparing to introduce a revised new iPad, fitted with the company’s Lightning connector. In addition, the updated device will now be 4G-capable in the U.K. The timing of the move will likely infuriate current new iPad  owners, but it’s an inevitable sacrifice.

Despite Apple releasing the higher res iPad this past March, it just wouldn’t make sense to sell a device that conflicts with the iPhone 5’s new connection. Even though a mid-cycle update is planned, it likely wouldn’t alter Apple’s iPad 4 plans for early 2013.

[via TheGuardian]