iPhone 6s Rose Gold-10

Apple's reliance on Samsung components will reportedly reach new highs when it brings OLED displays to future iPhones. The Cupertino company wants more than one display supplier, and it's thought Samsung will be chosen alongside LG Display.

"Apple is looking to get OLED displays from Samsung Display in addition to supply from LG Display in order to rely less on a single supplier as well as create more room for price negotiations," writes DigiTimes, citing a report from Korea.

It is claimed that Apple is "concerned" over the pricing of OLED displays for small- to medium-sized products, and therefore wants to work with multiple suppliers to create competition and leverage when it comes to price negotiations.

Apple will reportedly make LG Display its main supplier, but Samsung will help out, and its lower prices should ensure LG's don't get too high. It also means Apple can get all the OLED displays it needs to meet the ever-increasing demands for the latest iPhone.

It's thought a number of vendors will turn to OLED displays more in 2016 as yields increase and prices fall. Apple already uses OLED displays in Apple Watch, but it is yet to bring them to iPhone or iPad, which could benefit from their greater power efficiency.

Recent reports have claimed Apple is also working to develop new micro-LED displays at a new facility in Taiwan.