iPhone 4S

A battery life issue has been plaguing iPhone 4S users since the device launched last month, and despite a software update from Apple already, it simply isn't fixed. But don't despair; rumor has it the Cupertino company is planning an iOS 5.0.2 update that really will fix your new iPhone's battery life, and an iOS 5.1 update that will enhance its Siri capabilities.

According to an engineer working in the iOS division, who told the German blog Macerkopf.de some things he shouldn't have, Apple has finally quashed the bug affecting iPhone 4S battery life with an iOS 5.0.2 update, which will reportedly be available "no later than next week." After installation, Apple's fifth-generation iPhone should achieve up to 40 hours battery life on standby, and up to 10 hours during normal use.

However, that is by no means the most exciting update on its way. iOS 5.1 is coming, according to the source, and it'll make Siri even smarter, introducing new commands that will allow the intelligent assistant to take pictures, record video, switch on/off Wi-Fi, and switch on/off Bluetooth when instructed.

Siri is already a magnificent addition to the iPhone — as early iPhone 4S adopters will tell you — and she's only going to get better as Apple teaches her new things. The ability to change simply settings on your device using your voice is one of the capabilities I'm most excited about, and it'll mean you no longer have to play around in the Settings app just to disable Bluetooth.

Despite these claims, however, Apple is yet to release a beta for either of these updates. That means that although iOS 5.0.2 could be on its way, it may be a little later than next week. Having said that, iOS 5.0.1 was only in beta a week, so we won't rule out this possibility altogether.

Are you looking forward to Apple's upcoming iOS updates?

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